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Our mission is to offer everyone around the globe a convenient, easy, & affordable way to Take a Bite out of Your Footprint!

Your Ecological Footprint is the measurement of your sustainability, or lack thereof.

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Copper & Bamboo Safety Razor

Absolutely adore this razor! I’ve never gotten such a smooth, non-irritating shave like I do with this razor.

-Beth from Etsy

100% Compostable Packaging

The packaging was great, 100% compostable and the packing peanuts dissolved in water.

-Giselle from Etsy

3-IN-1 On The Go Bamboo Toothbrush

This product is extremely convenient for travel and storage.

-Adriana from Etsy

Facial Cotton Rounds

I love how big and soft these are! And it's a great idea to have 2 different types in one package.

-Cheyenne from Etsy

Mesh & Muslin Bags

Excellent muslin/mesh bags. The bags are a good alternative to storing vegetables and fruit.

-Bryan from Etsy

Take a Bite Out of Your Footprint!

The global Ecological Footprint is 2.77 Global Hectares per person. We run out of resources the earth can regenerate in the same year on July 28th. This is because our Ecological Footprint is too high!