Frequently Asked Questions

About EnviroFootPrint

EnviroFootPrint is a one stop, ecofriendly swap shop. Now say that 10 times fast!

We only sells eco-friendly swaps that either meet or exceed the quality of its toxic counterpart. 

Launched October 1st, 2022, we are a brand new company. Our first mission is expanding our catalouge by branching out into all categories and aspects of life!

Your Ecological Footprint is a measurement on your sustainability, or lack thereof.

It is measured into an area of land that is capable of providing all the resources used by an individual at the rate they are being consumed by that person.

The area of land must also include the waste this person produces.

Want to Calculate Your Ecological Footprint? Click here to learn more!

No! Not at all!

EnviroFootPrint is a movement!

A movement to Take a Bite out of Your Footprint! 

Your Ecological Footprint, that is. 

To learn more about what an Ecological Footprint is, how big yours is, and how to Take a Bite out of Your Footprint, click the link here: What is an Ecological Footprint? 

Selling our eco-friendly swaps is only part of what we offer to our environmentally conscious community. 

EnviroFootPrint has a groupchat on Discord, as well as a SubReddit (Coming Soon check back here for updates) both our Reddit Page and Groupchat bring together likeminded people who participate in a community by helping, encouraging, and sharing ways on how they lower their waste by Taking a Bite out of Their Ecological Footprint.

We post very unique, out of the box content on our social media pages that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. As well as the blogs we write available on our website under the 'Community Topics' tab that is sure to get your attention!

What Do You Stand For?

We believe that GOD has provided everything on this earth. In its natural state, that we need to survive, thrive, and live life to the fullest. 

This is the world we want to live in: We want to go back to a simpler time. Where all of our resources we use for daily life are naturally occurring, and untainted by man. 

This is the core of our belief system.

If you are to take a banana off a tree, and toss the peel on the ground, it will biodegrade and decompose without trouble in no time. 

Leaving the world unharmed and untainted, in perfect condition for the next generation to inherit. 

All business and consumer habits should be done this way. With this as the number one priority. Not just for product consumption, but for packaging, transportation, and everything in between.

In the modern world, this is not an easy feat. 

EnviroFootPrint only sells eco-friendly swaps that either meets or exceeds the quality of its toxic counterpart. While putting our environment first.

Our core belief is compostable and biodegradable are the only true zero waste, and we reflect that in our packaging. 

This is what we ship all of our orders in: 

  • Cardboard Box
  • 100% Compostable Shipping Label
  • 100% Compostable Kraft Water Activated Tape
  • Dissolve Your Packing Peanuts in Water!

Shipping & Packaging


  • Cardboard Box
  • 100% Compostable Shipping Label
  • 100% Compostable Kraft Water Activated Tape
  • Packing Peanuts That Dissolve in Water

Step 1: Remove our shipping label and tape from the cardboard box 

Step 2: Cut the tape and shipping label into very small pieces separately and put aside.

Step 3: Break down the cardboard box successfully. (fun fact, you also must do this when recycling)!

Step 4: Safely, with a box cutter, cut your box into very small pieces. 

Step 5: Add it all to your compost and mix it well, be sure to mix thoroughly without creating layers!

Congratulations! you have successfully composted our packaging!

Be sure to send us pictures in our DMs on social media for a chance to win a prize!


It is our mission to offer everyone around the globe a convenient, easy, and affordable way to Take a Bite out of Your Footprint!

What is the Present Icon on my Screen?

We know that shifting your lifestyle to becoming truly eco-friendly is tough financially, and we want to help!

We have a great rewards program! All rewards are updated monthly, for constant new prizes!

You will be given 100 points for creating an account and joining right off the bat that can be redeemed immediately for a free prize!

To open up our Rewards Program, click on the present icon on the left side of your screen.

You can find ways to earn points by clicking on the 'Earn' tab within the launcher.

You can redeem points for prizes updated monthly by clicking on the 'Redeem' tab within the launcher.

You can refer your friends and family through our Rewards Program launcher for additional rewards! This can be done unlimited times!

You can even level up and unlock exclusive prizes based on level!

How Can I Make Money Encouraging Others To Be Eco-Friendly?

We know you cant stop talking about our climate crises, and for good reason. 

Do you preach to your friends and family on how they can make a conscious change to lower their waste? To change their lifestyle habits? 

What if we told you we can pay you for doing just that? 

Through our Affiliate Program! 

Click here to Join Our Affiliate Program!

Once you signup and login, you will be given a custom link.

You will receive 5% Commission on all orders generated through your custom link on our website!

Every 30 days, we will deposit your total earnings into your payment email you use when you sign up!