• What is an Ecological Footprint?

    Three things You Need to Know

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  • Perfection is the Enemy of Progress

    Stop Setting unrealistic goals. It would be better to have 10 imperfect attempts at zero waste, then 1 person living a perfectly zero waste lifestyle.

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  • Do NOT Pressure or Shame Others

    Our Collective job as a community, is to educate others on our climate crises. Encourage them, as well as provide innovative solutions for what we all can do at an individual level, to contribute to the fight.

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This Is Us

  • Biocapacity

    Biocapacity is the capacity of our enviornment to regenerate all the resources consumed by the population.

    This includes land, resources, food, water, fuel, housing, etc.

  • Ecological Footprint

    Your Ecological Footprint is a measurement on your sustainability, or lack thereof.

    It is measured into an area of land that is capable of providing all the rescources used by an individiaul at the rate they are being consumed by that person.

    The area of land must also include the waste this person produces.

  • Earth Overshoot Day

    Earth Overshoot Day marks the date we run out of resources!

    The date is marked on the exact day when humanity demands more ecological resources in a given year, exceeding what earth can regenerate in that same year.

    This is caused by a biocapacity defeciet

    A biocapacity defecit occurs when our Ecological Footprint is greater than our biocapacity.

    In other words, we consume more than we can regenerate in that same year.

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Global Hectares

Global Hectares are the unit of measurement for biocapacity & ecological footprint.

A global hectare is a biologically productive hectare of land containing the world average biological productivity for a given year.

(how much resources the average hectare of land produces).

To put this into perspective, a hectare is aproximentally the size of a soccer field.

A Global Hectare = 2.5 Acres (2.47)
  • Biocapacity

    The global biocapacity is 1.58 Global Hectares per person.

    Meaning this is the maximum amount of biologically productive land one person can take up (including resources generated) without causing a biocapacity deficet.

  • Ecological Footprint

    The global average Ecological Footprint is 2.77 Global Hectares per person.

    Which is well above the global biocapcity.

    An Ecological Footprint that is bigger then the biocapacity is what causes a biocapacity defecit.

    A biocapacity Defecit, is what causes Earth Overshoot Day.

    Take a Bite out of Your Footprint!

  • Earth Overshoot Day

    This year, EOD lands on July 28.

    This means we run out of the resources demanded, globally that we can regenerate in the same year.

    We have run out of resources every year since 1971!

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  • Lower Your Waste

    Shop Sustainably.

    Cancel Single-use plastics.

    Start a Compost!

    Seperate garbage correctly.

    Bring your own water bottle.

    Refuse throw away packaging and straws when going out.

    Follow our blog, subreddit, and discord groupchat.

    Click here to join a community that shares creative, out-of-the-box ideas to

    Take a Bite out of Your Footprint!

  • Carbon Footprint

    Be mindful of energy efficieny!

    Simply turning the lights off when you leave the room can make a big difference!

    Invest in clean energy sources such as powering your house via solar panels.

    Consider Biking, Carpooling, and using public transportation when possible.

    All of these are great ways to

    Take a Bite out of Your Footprint!

  • Go Vegan

    Eat a plant based, healthy Diet.

    We encourage and educate on how to take care of the health of our planet, and our own individual health.

    Strive to be vegan if possible!

    We understand, that there are many reasons why 100% veganism is not an achievable goal for some people.

    Such as various health conditions, Intolerances, and Eating Disorders.

    What is important is educating yourself, and making a concious change based on your beliefs and capabilities.

    Take a Bite out of Your Footprint!

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71% of Carbon Emissions by 100 companies

For this to change, we need to collectively come together to fight for a more sustainable world.

The first step for real change is change on the individual level. This can be done by supporting sustainable buissnesses.

When the majority of people live an eco-concious life, then corperations in power will change their enviornmental habits.

Statistics Sources Citation/Attribution

Is It True 20 Companies Are Responsible for 55% of single-use plastic waste?

Yes! We must both
understand and accept that this is out of our control. We cannot control other
people, or corporations. In all aspects of life, all we can do is have an
impact ourself, aswell as encourage and educate others to make the eco-conscious

Your individual impact makes a huge difference. The average person in the U.S produces 4.9 pounds of trash per day! Thats 1,788.5 pounds per year!

Information Sources Citation/Attribution

You the Consumer Have the Power!

Greenwashing is actually a good sign, think about it!

Why do we see so many companies and products making false sustainability claims?

Because the pressure we are putting on companies is working!

If the majority of consumers are united in switching their purchasing habits, big companies and corperations will soon follow suit.

The only language these big corperations understand is money.

So dont give yours to them!

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Take a Bite Out of Your Footprint!

Americas Earth Overshoot Day Lands On March 13th. That is the 72nd Day of the Year! This means it would take approximately 5.1 Earths If everyone lived like the United States of America!