Copper & Bamboo Safety Razor / Lasts a Lifetime / Skin Level Shave / 10 Free Razor Blades

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Is Your Packaging Sustainable?

    Yes! All of our orders are shipped with the following:
  • 100% Compostable Shipping Label
  • 100% Compostable Water Activated Kraft Tape
  • Water Dissolvable Packing Peanuts
  • Compostable is the only true zero waste!
(2,000,000,000.) TWO BILLION single-use plastic razors are thrown away each year in the US Alone! Together, we can change that!

We believe sustainability & higher quality are synonyms.

EnviroFootPrint's Copper & Bamboo Saftey Razor is not only candy to the eyes. This razor will eliminate all problems you’ve ever had with shaving!

-Razor is 100% eco-friendly sustainable, and recyclable!

-Razor Box is 100% Compostable!

-Double Edge Razor Blades Packaging is 100% Compostable!

-Razor Lasts a lifetime with good care!

-Saftey Razors will cost you FAR less in long-run

-Skin Level Shave

-Silky Smooth Skin

-No tugging no pulling

-No Razor Burn

-No Skin Irritation

-No Razor Rash

-Can Reduce Acne

-Polished Finish for design & corrosion protection

-Each Bamboo Handle Grain is Unique (Authenticity of bamboo)

-Best results are seen when wet shaving, with our bamboo clay shaving soap

EnviroFootPrint's Copper & Bamboo Safety Razor is the perfect environmentally friendly & sustainable solution! With proper maintenance, this recyclable razor can be the last one you will ever buy!

Constructed from solid copper, plated with zinc alloy & a notched bamboo handle. Toped off with a polished finish, this razor was made with durability & efficiency in mind.

Love the idea of a saftey razor? All the ones you tried leave you cut and knicked? Skin irritation? Razor Burn? Rashes? Our Copper & Bamboo Razor was made with these flaws In mind.

We put the Safety back in Safety Razor! Our built-in skin guard will make cutting yourself nearly impossible! (With proper use) This means no more skin irritation & razor burns!

Most razors tug & pull on the hair follicle, which ends up cutting the hair deeper than the surface of the skin.

This is the leading cause of ingrown hairs, and clogged, enlarged, noticeable hair follicles. Also known as ‘Giant stubble’.

Our Razor is the solution to this problem.

We added chiseled teeth on the base plate of our skin guard. The chiseled teeth act as grooves that go with the grain, that stop the blade perfectly at skin level. This achieves the closest, skin level shave. Right down to the first layer of skin.

Due to the precise ergonomic design of the razor, the double edge blade glides over the skin, giving your skin that naturally hairless look. All while promoting silky & smooth skin. No tugging, no pulling.

Best results are seen when wet shaving, with our Bamboo Clay Shaving Soap.

All without making your hair grow back faster or looking thicker!

The double notched grooves on the bamboo handle ensures a secure grasp, even in wet conditions, & Enables easy maneuverability, for those hard to reach places!

Other causes of clogged, enlarged, giant, hair follicles and ingrown hairs are;

-Using Razors With Multiple Blades

-Low Quality Razors

-Saftey Razors With a Poorly designed Skin Guard. (cuts and knicks, razor burns, skin irritation, and rashes also common)

Be the solution - #ShaveWithEnviroFootPrint

Be a Warrior - #FightOurClimateCrisis

Take a Bite Out of Your Footprint!

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Couldnt ask for more. Simply put blown away.


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Out of this world.


100% Copper Bamboo Safety Razor

Came with 20 blades in kraft packaging ! The razor itself is luxury


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