Biodegradable Straight Tooth Hair Brush Bamboo & Natural Rubber

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Is Your Packaging Sustainable?

    Yes! All of our orders are shipped with the following:
  • 100% Compostable Shipping Label
  • 100% Compostable Water Activated Kraft Tape
  • Water Dissolvable Packing Peanuts
  • Compostable is the only true zero waste!

 Are you sick of every bamboo hairbrush you find having those annoying balls at the end of each bristle? Look no further!

  • Straight Tooth Comb! (No Epoxy Ball Tips)

Our Bamboo Hair brush is made fully out of authentic bamboo & natural sustainable rubber. Making this brush 100% compostable at the end of its life!

Did you know that plastic hair brushes increase the static of your hair?

Yikes! Our bamboo hair brush, on the other hand, will do the opposite! Reducing static, helping you to combat fizziness and flyaway. Perfect for all hair types!

All our brushes are designed with one bristle missing near the center of the brush. This whole provides necessary ventilation for air to escape so the sustainable rubber can be flexible, allowing mobility during brushing at all angles!

Our hairbrush makes for the perfect scalp massage. bamboo bristles are great at stimulating your scalp. Thus helping increase blood flow and circulation, bringing nutrients to your scalp. 

  • Reduce Frizz
  • Reduce Breakage
  • Reduce Static 
  • Detangles Hair
  • Great for Scalp Massages

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Couldnt ask for more. Simply put blown away.


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Out of this world.


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Came with 20 blades in kraft packaging ! The razor itself is luxury


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